Hello dear visitors and welcome to our humble website!

welcome to our websiteMy name is Vivand Holand and I’ll be your host here… well, for the most part. Most posts will be written by me while occasionally we will have the pleasure of featuring articles from my dearest friend Michael Yarney. So, you can basically say that the two of us are the minds behind this website! If you want to know more about it, you are at the right place because this homepage is going to feature general information… not just about the website but about the city of Hampton as well. As you can probably see (especially those of you who do web design for a living), I am no expert when it comes to making a website. To be honest, I did all I could (had knowledge of) and quite frankly, I personally am rather satisfied with what it looks like. Still, I know it looks pretty basic but that’s due to my lack of expertise in this field. Basically, on hamptonboro.com you will find everything ranging from concerts, plays, FPV drone racing, aerial photography, events and plenty more… With that being said, I would like to get on with the business and tell you a bit more about this website and the best city in the entire US!

A couple of words about our website!

At the time of writing this homepage article, our website is nowhere near a finished product. There are just 3 posts in the news section available, each of them revolving around our beautiful city. To be completely honest with you here, there will be much more types of posts in addition to these ones. New ones won’t be strictly tied to our city and might revolve around other aspects of our everyday lives such as culture, sports, politics and so on. What Micheal and I are basically trying to do here is create a community-driven portal with news regarding not just our city but the entire States… and even the entire world. It’s a big and ambitious plan, that I know… But considering I am a stubborn workaholic – if anyone can do it, I can do it! With all that in mind, let me briefly guide you through the main news topics that are currently published and available on this website:

City founding anniversary!

drone photo city squareIf you don’t live in Hampton, then I am sure you are not aware of the fact that, just a couple of days ago, our city celebrated the 200th year since it has been founded. The event surrounding the anniversary was a proper spectacle and you can learn more about it via the dedicated article. Here, I would just like to add up that it was one hell of a party that incorporated several segments. Ranging from children’s play, an amazing photo session with aerial photography dronesand a concert of our awesome local country-rock band called The Beauty and the Myst. Needless to say, those guys created a proper spectacle that lasted well into the night. That’s what a real Hampton-driven party looks like!

Kennedy Farm Official Opening

Whenever a new public attraction is announced for opening in our dearest city, I can’t help it but feel proud! As a community, we have always been friendly and pleasant people and it’s a real blessing from the Lord that we have so many entertainments in our small city. The newest one might be the best one of them all since it does not only serve the purpose of entertaining but the purpose of educating our children as well. I don’t need to tell you that’s of utmost important because our children are our only real legacy to this world! If you are interested in Kennedy Farm as well as the exact opening date and the work schedule, don’t hesitate to navigate to the dedicated article in the News segment of this website! There is plenty of information available and I am sure Mrs. and Mr. Kennedy won’t disappoint us with their hospitality.

New Recreational Park Announcement

new recreational parkAnd finally, the third post that we currently have published on our website revolves around a brand new park that is going to be located relatively close to the main city square. Right now, it’s a waste with old and rusty children’s obstacles and whatnot… so it is without a doubt that this pricey project is needed. With both the business plan and the official project getting a green light from the major Kentucky earlier this week, we can only hope and pray that it will be finished in the shortest timespan possible. I am sure our workers will do a good job and that the park will be a pleasant eyesight to everyone in our community!

That’s it, folks! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay on this website and perhaps even consider visiting our lovely little city. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure!