Hello, my fellow citizens!

city squareFirst off, I would like to inform you that the celebration of our city’s 200th founding anniversary went by without any issues. Thanks to our Police Officers, Firemen and honorable people who came to witness the spectacle, not a single weapon shot, firecracker or anything like that was there to ruin the atmosphere. With that being said, I would like to thank all of you who came and shed glory to our little (but the most beautiful) city!

If you did not know, the official anniversary of our city’s founding was supposed to be held in the main square on 2nd of May. Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions (it was heavily raining for the bigger part of the day) we had to postpone it to 3rd of May. Despite that, still, we have an amazing number of people who showed up and were ready to party!

kids playThe event started off with 5 children’s performances from both of our local kindergartens. Children of all ages showed us that even the smallest hands can create big things. Among other things, we could also hear a couple of wise words coming from our major, Mr. Kentucky. Moreover, the party was continued with our local band The Beauty and the Myst who rocked on for more than 2 hours. The crowd had the chance to try our famous hot dogs completely free of charge, courtesy of Madam Beaty’s Bakery. I grabbed at least 4 of them (to be honest, it was way more than 4 haha) and I gotta say – Madam Beaty’s hot dogs are like wine – with each passing year they become better and better!

In the end, the party was concluded by our local choir who sang our official anthem after which the crowd slowly started leaving the vicinity. All in all, it was a great experience and, after another 100 years, I am sure our grandkids and their kids after them will make us proud with an even bigger spectacle!