New Recreational Park

Finally, my dear fellow Hamptons, we are getting a brand new recreational park. I am happy to announce this terrific news that will definitely keep our little city as beautiful as always. It is a big deal and I’m sure many of you will gladly welcome this project. Throughout this article, I will do my best to give you an in-depth look at the project. Additionally, I will also discuss the due dates for the completion since we are talking about a broad timestamp at the moment!

When will this recreational park be finished?

new recreational parkUnfortunately, the work is not going to start anytime soon though. We have just completed the general project and business plans. A long way is ahead of us until the completion of this entire project. We are talking 6 months at the very least… Will it be done until the end of the year? I hope so, but I can’t say for sure with the current state of affairs. On the other hand, what I can say is that this park is going to be admirable for the entire area. It will consist of only the highest quality infrastructure as well as building materials. All that will ensure a state of the art appearance which will, I’m sure, attract many visitors on a daily basis.

What will be the name?

old parkI know this is something that a lot of you want to know asap, so here’s the deal. A couple of weeks prior to the official opening of our new recreational park, we will have a public poll on this website where all Hampton Borough citizens will have a chance to vote for their favorites. Unfortunately, citizens will not have the right to add new name options (to prevent names such as Park McParkFace) but will be able to let their voices be heard nevertheless.

All in all, our new recreational park will be something to brag around with, that’s for sure! As soon as we have more available information I will make sure you guys are properly informed!